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Sliding image caption with jQuery

Sliding image caption with jQuery

Today we are going to learn how to use jQuery's animate() method in order to create a sliding caption for the image, which will be triggered when the hover() event occurs.

JavaScript Tutorial

Sebastian Sulinski on 19th Jul 2011

Download Exercise FilesDemo

01 : Structure and css (06:59 min)


02 : jQuery animate() method (05:44 min)


Discussion (1 comment)

  • Linus

    Linus on Tuesday, 14th February 2012

    Thank you for this tutorial. Exactly what I was looking for.
    The caption slider works perfect:) but I seem to have two little problems with it. I have linked my image (where I have the caption) to Shadowbox and Shadowbox is executed if I click on the image itself but It doesn't work if I click on the caption...can this be solved?, because I want to have a "click me" link on the caption. Now I have to move my cursor from the caption to the image and then click. And is it possible to setup a link (http://...) on the caption? If so, how do I do that?
    Best regards


  • Sebastian Sulinski

    Sebastian Sulinski : @designtutorials on Wednesday, 15th February 2012

    Hi Linus,
    To have the caption as link you could add another attribute to the li tag called for instance data-url:

    <li><img src="/images/01.jpg" alt="Some image 1 description" 
    	width="200" height="200" data-url="" /></li>

    Then amend the code like so:

    var arr = $('#images li');
    $.each(arr, function() {
    	var thisUrl = $(this).find('img').attr('data-url');
    	if (thisUrl !== '') {
    			'<a href="' + thisUrl + '" class="caption">'+$(this).find('img').attr('alt')+'</a>'
    	} else {
    			'<span class="caption">'+$(this).find('img').attr('alt')+'</span>'
    $('#images li').hover(function() {	
    	$(this).children('.caption').stop().animate({ top : '100px' }, 200);	
    }, function() {					
    	$(this).children('.caption').stop().animate({ top : '200px'}, 200);


  • Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia on Friday, 4th October 2013

    Dear Sebastian Sulinski:
    In your comment to Linus ..
    I think you miss put the find method in the definition of the variable thisUrl....
    The line is written :
    var thisUrl = $(this).attr('data-url');
    and must be written like this:
    var thisUrl = $(this).find('img').attr('data-url');


  • Sebastian Sulinski

    Sebastian Sulinski : @designtutorials on Saturday, 5th October 2013

    Hi Luis,
    You're right - thanks for spotting this out. Code is now corrected.


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